Natural-Winemaking WIne Vine

Make your own delicious natural wines at home with No added Sulfites! 


Making fruit, flower, and herbal wine wines with no added sulfites is fun and easy. 

Natural Winemaking at Home provides simple but detailed directions on making fruit wines - from preparing the fruit to bottling and aging your wine.  We even give you pointers on tasting your wines.

You can make wine all year long.  Prepare and freeze seasonal fruit when it is ripe and abundant. Then make the wine at your leisure.  Our Winemaking Calendar has many ideas of fruits, flowers, veggies and even grain you can use to make wine. 

On a tight budget?  Our Frugal Vintner will give you tips on making wine for pennies a bottle. 

Cover of Natural Winemaking at home Book

Do you curse the dandelions covering your lawn every spring?  Try our recipe for making a delicious Dandelion Wine.  They're free for the picking!  We even provide a pictorial guide on how to pick and prepare the dandelion blossoms to make the tastiest wine.  If you have a slow loading computer connection, try our "text only" instructions for the dandelion picking and preparation.

If you enjoy making and drinking wine, we know you'll enjoy cooking with your wines or matching them with delicious food.  We hope you'll enjoy  some of our favorite recipes in our Cooking with Wine section.


A Photo of Anine's Wine "Cellar".


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Updated 13 February 2007